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Share ITS is a platform where students, lecturers, and staffs of ITS are able to access information regarding global issue and information by using only internet connection.

CommTECH Camp Highlight 2016

Joint Workshop Global Engineer 2016

JWGE is a program which is initiated by KMUTT Thailand, ITS Indonesia, Ritsumeikan University Japan & Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In this program, ITS brought 10 postgraduate students & 6 Faculty Staffs.

Swiss International Business Boot Camp 2016

SIBBC 2016 is a collaboration program among ITS, ITB, Atmajaya University, and Zurich School of Applied Science (ZHAW) which facilitates students to run a business consulting project for several Swiss-based companies (Amberg, Schindler, and Buhler) located in Indonesia.

Information for Parents 2016

On August 20th, International Office opened booth to provide international exposure information and sell ITS merchandises in IKOMA Meeting at Grha ITS.

67th AUN-QA Assesment

Global Competencies Workshop : Basic was held on 22 - 24 September, 2016 to escalate students understanding toward the dynamics of globalization and how they could utilize it as opportunities.


Bialystok University of Technology – Erasmus+ International Credit Students Mobilities

Call of mobilities at Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) Poland through the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme has been opened. The current call is for the 2nd Semester (Academic Year 2016-2017) and the program will start on around February – June 2017 . 

CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 (Open Registration Now)

Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH) Insight 2017 Continuing the success of 2012 to 2016 Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH), ITS International Office is again holding CommTECH Camp Insight 2017 with couple new innovations & new courses. This time, CommTECH Camp Highlight  that will be held on 23 January – 1 February 2017. The coming CommTECH